The Tognozzi Group is the result of the growth and consolidation  of the Tognozzi company, a solid and independent enterprise that ha been competitive actor in the real estate sector fot over fifty years.

The origins: Giovanni Tognozzi’s business concept

The Tognozzi company was set up in Florence in 1954, generated by the entrepreneurial flair of the engineer Giovanni Tognozzi who wanted to create a srius and reliable company in the construction sector.

The initial period of life of the company is intimately tied up with the history of the city. These were the post-war years, a time of reconstruction and of the shared desire to play an active part in the economic and social revival of Florence.

From the very start, the Tognozzi company made its mark, within the territory as a crucial benchmark for economic agents both old and new, proffering idea, capital and concrete proposals for the development of the city.

Consequently, it assumed a leading role in all the key areas of property redevelopment, comprising residential, commercial and industrial sectors.

1950s-70s: consolidation in Tuscany

These were the years of the economic boom, and the emergence of a new mode of manufacturing and of conceiving, dreaming and above all living the present and planning the future. The company proved itself capable of harnessing this effervescent energy and discovering groundbreaking solutions.

It took part in the most important national tenders and made its mark on the real estate market, carrying through commissions for the construction of prestigious mansions, large industrial complexes, shopping centers, hospitals, schools, banks, tourist and hotel structure and conference centers.

1980′s: change of ownership on the keynote of continuity

In the new competitive scenarios that marked the 80′s, Tognozzi found itself addressing the question of generational change. all too often a cause of corporate crisis, Tognozzi deftly succeeded in trasorming this into the opportunity for a further glorious phase of development.

Purchased by Emilio Petrilli, who undertook the moral obligation not to change its name, the company continued to refine its qualification in the sector on the strength of consolidated qualities of seriousness and competence and the availability of significant financial resources

1990s: overseas development

On the wave of local success, in the second half of the 90s, tha company fixed its sights on overseas expansion:

- in 1996 the Cuban subsidiary was established in Havana. This was a pioneering enterprise in Cuba, with Tognozzi setting up the first Italian-Cuban joint venture with local company HABAGUANEX;
- 1999 the US business unit was established in San Diego, california.

2000: growth and innovation in respect of tradition

The dawn of the new millennium found Tognozzi addressing a consistent phase of growth and the consequent internal restructuring.

The rationalization of processes, through the creation of independent companies for each phase of the construction process, gave rise to a Group of enterprises boasting the dimension and professional capacities to enable them to successfully compete on both the domestic and international markets.